Project Management

Solid execution brings your plan to life. We’ll coordinate with all your partners to handle all the details of your project, from finalizing order details to final shipment coordination.


Before products can be procured, all order details must be complete, and our team is prepared to help you finalize them.

  • Once all details have been finalized, you will receive a final plan and price quote for your approval. At this stage, all color, fabric and finish selections should be completed. To prevent delays, a purchase order cannot be placed with a manufacturer until all selections have been made.

  • A customer purchase order is usually required in order for our team to place orders with vendors. All details, including color selection and other options, should be included on the purchase order. The purchase order is our indication to proceed with the execution of your project.

    We realize that sometimes it is not possible to complete a project all at once due to funding, building timeline, etc. We can develop schedules to handle this with a phased approach. This way, a cohesive design can be planned up front and implemented as the phased plan allows. It is best to discuss these needs at the beginning of a project.

  • Your Demco representative will help guide you through the credit terms for your organization. Your payment terms will be determined by the details of your project and your organization’s credit history.


During this stage, all details are carefully confirmed and vendors are engaged to produce your products.

  • Once your purchase order is received, our team will do a thorough review of your final quote and design to ensure that your purchase order matches. They will also make sure that all color selections have been made and all other options finalized. If they find discrepancies, they will contact you for additional information.

  • Once all information is finalized, the purchase orders will be submitted to all appropriate vendors and your project order will be underway.

  • Once your project order is received and reviewed by the vendor, they will acknowledge receipt and confirm any questions they have prior to initiating production or shipment. If additional information is needed, the project manager will be in touch.


From this point on, our dedicated team will be working behind the scenes to communicate with vendors and installers to ensure that all the details of your project are taken care of.

  • We will communicate shipment expectations to the vendor when orders are placed. Once shipment dates are received for all products on a project, your project manager will communicate the approximate date range set for installation.

  • Orders are monitored on a regular basis to ensure that they are remaining on schedule. Your project manager will communicate any changes to you.

  • Our team will contact freight carriers once a project is nearing completion and manage coordination of shipments from multiple vendors to ensure delivery at the appropriate time. For particularly large or complex projects, products may need to be consolidated at a warehouse.