Product Consultation

At this stage, we’ll guide you through the process of selecting the best product solutions to meet your community’s needs. Through Demco, you have access to over 1,000 high-quality furniture collections, including exclusive brands — all designed for durability and safety in learning environments.


Compelling, on-trend product solutions will add functionality, flexibility and personality to your space. Cohesive color and finish palettes will add to that functionality and also help create an engaging interior. 

  • You may have an idea of the type of furniture that you would like in your library or classroom, or you may want suggestions for products that will best meet your needs. Either way, our team will listen carefully and provide you with inspirational product solutions that will align with the stylistic, budgetary and functional needs of your space.

    Our team will also advise on complementary product collections to provide a cohesive aesthetic and functionality throughout your space.

    Many furniture products are made to order, so production time needs to be considered in the overall project plan. Our interiors team will recommend product lines that correlate to your overall goals and timeline and will help sustain your space as your users’ needs evolve.

  • This is an exciting but sometimes confusing part of the process. In a collaborative effort with you and our team, we can help you choose colors and finishes that will add interest and excitement to your space. Our experts can also provide advice on fabrics and finishes that will stand the test of time and function best for the activities taking place in each area. If you would like more information on making these selections, please see the webinar and Color Palette Tool in the resources section below.

    Keep in mind that an order cannot be placed with a manufacturer until all color, fabric and finish selections have been finalized. Having these selections made by the time the purchase orders are placed will help keep the project on schedule.


The quotation process provides a final expectation of what all costs will be and ensures that your overall project is on budget. It includes not only the product pricing, but also any additional charges for freight, delivery and installation. Timely turnarounds on quote approvals will help to shorten project timelines. If needed for budgeting purposes, cost estimates are also available at earlier stages in a project.

  • Pricing takes into account a number of factors, including purchasing, size of the order, any custom elements of the products and other special considerations. Generally, product pricing will be based upon a finalized design or product list. Product alternatives can be suggested to help keep a design within a set budget. Revised quotations will be provided as the project moves through the revision stages.

  • Every project will incur freight costs to get products to the desired location. Sometimes the charges will be included with the product costs, and other times they will be a separate line item on your quotation. Every effort is made to consolidate vendors and negotiate freight rates to ensure your products arrive safely and economically at the appropriate location.

  • Depending upon the complexity of the project and the nature of the job site, deliveries may either be consolidated at a warehouse or delivered directly to the final location. These arrangements and the nature of the job site may require additional services. These charges will be discussed and quoted if necessary.

  • Installation is required on most projects, and we have a nationwide network of professional installers who have a thorough understanding of the products. The costs of these services will also be included on your quotation if they are needed.