Needs Assessment

Uncovering and understanding your goals is a critical part of developing a new space. During this stage, we’ll put our heads together to outline your current state and define your needs. This will help us gain an understanding of your objectives and offer solutions to help you meet them.


Developing a thorough understanding of what is important to your community and identifying your resources and timing is the first step in creating a successful plan.

  • We’ll start by talking through your challenges, your priorities and your vision. What does your library or classroom look like and how does it function today? How do you imagine it functioning in the future? The answers to these questions and more will help us understand your vision and your greatest priorities, allowing our experts to find the perfect solutions for your space.

  • Your users, the activities and services you provide, and the physical space available all contribute to the needs and goals of your project. The most inspirational and engaging interiors offer successful solutions for both you and your users. You’ll find more details about how we’ll evaluate your space in the Site Survey section.

  • Determining when your space needs to be completed, such as the start of school or a grand opening, helps us to support and deliver product solutions within the overall timeline of your project.

    If construction or remodeling work is part of your project scope, we’ll consider the added complexity of the building schedule. Whatever the requirements, our interiors experts will use their experience to coordinate with your project timeline so you meet your critical dates.

    Setting clear expectations, noting critical deadlines up front and having good communication throughout the process helps our team create a realistic plan that leads to great results.

    Download the Project Timeline Overview below to help you better understand what to expect and factors that can influence your project timeline.

  • Understanding your budget early in the process helps our experts recommend solutions that will best meet the needs of your space while having the deepest impact.

    We will work with you to understand your decision process, help you with addressing goals and concerns of other stakeholders, and help clear any roadblocks that come up. Demco also offers a wide range of purchasing solutions, and we hold numerous contracts that can help simplify your purchasing process. See our Contracts page in the Resources below for details.

Site Survey

Assessing the physical aspects of your space provides our experts with a foundation to begin developing your new layout and design.

  • Architectural drawings of your space are ideal for us to begin the design process. Our design team can use a PDF or JPEG of your building plan or a CAD or REVIT file if they are available. Once your plans are received, we will review and advise if any additional information is needed. If building plans are not available, you can perform a site survey of your space.

  • In the absence of existing building plans, you can survey your space yourself to create your own building plan. A site survey is a simple dimensional sketch of your space showing features such as doors, windows and columns. Details on how to measure your space are included in the Conducting a Site Survey Guidelines download in the resources below.

  • Having a complete set of photographs showing all views and areas of your interior will allow our design team to better visualize your current space and start to concept the future possibilities. In addition, photos can help to uncover any errors in the measuring process and help our designers see the condition and style of any furniture that you are considering reusing. Photography guidelines are included in the resources below.

  • The location of power outlets can play an important role in the way your space is designed. Access to power impacts both the functional areas of your library or classroom, as well as the placement of individual pieces of furniture. When relevant, power locations should be called out on your building plan or site survey. Details on how to communicate this information are included in the Conducting a Site Survey Guidelines download in the resources section below.

  • In a renovation or expansion, some existing furniture may still be in good condition and may be able to be reused. It is important for the design team to understand what furniture will be reused and the quantity and dimensions of those items so that they can be considered in the design. In the resources below, you’ll find an inventory document to help you provide this information.

  • During this step, we take a look at what your current plans are and how your future vision aligns to make the most of your space. Reviewing all the spatial information collected, combined with understanding your needs and goals, enables our interior services experts to uncover what some of your greatest opportunities may be. Our experts will then share some possible solutions to your challenges and will collaborate with you to set a vision for your new space.