From coordinating schedules to ensuring that every detail has been taken care of, we’ll manage all the moving parts of installation and keep you up to date on everything. We do everything in our power to ensure that your project completes on schedule and you’re ready to celebrate your new learning spaces with your community.


We will coordinate with vendors and local installers to make sure that both your space and your staff are ready to open on schedule.

  • Your project manager will be in contact as delivery dates near to make sure that your site is ready for installation. They will take care of advising the installation team of any special requirements. If there is a delay and your site is not ready by the planned installation date, your project manager can help procure warehouse space for the interim.

  • Your project manager will confirm installation dates as final shipment information is received. Any special clearance or other details will be handled with the installation team prior to installation day.

  • On the scheduled installation day, the project manager will be in contact with you and the install crew to ensure everything is proceeding as planned. Should you desire any changes to the placement of product or other services at this time, you should contact your project manager.

    During installation, the team will document the progression of the work and the completed project by collecting digital images of the project site and products. These images will be communicated back to the project manager. When installation is complete, the lead installer will review the work completed and provide a completion document for your signature.