Design Development

Once the groundwork is laid, it’s time to develop a plan. From layout and design to product specification to quotation, our collaborative process will ensure a result personalized to your space.

Layout & Design

In this stage, all of your information comes together and the design process begins. There are so many creative ways to use your space, and we will work with you to explore and develop the most compelling options.

  • All of the information gathered during the Needs Assessment and Site Survey enables us to fully understand your space, goals and vision. Our interior solutions experts and design team collaborate before the design process starts to share information and ideas.

  • Maintaining an open, light interior with good sight lines is always an important consideration during the design phase. Our interior designers will find the best solution for maximizing the capacity and function of your space, while achieving effective sight lines throughout.

  • Designing for good traffic flow is a constant consideration during the design process. Our design team considers ADA requirements; key walkways, such as entrances and fire exits; and other essential architectural elements to ensure the best user experience in each area of your library or classroom.

  • Visualizing how your space will look can be a challenge, but our experienced design team is skilled at creating interior spaces that are engaging and inspiring.

    Utilizing 2D floor plans, 3D renderings and immersive virtual reality technology, our design proposals allow you to clearly visualize how your new interior will look.

    Our interior services experts will walk you through all the features of the proposed solution. Your ideas and feedback will also be incorporated into additional design development phases, so the final solution is one that is exciting, compelling and accommodating to all your needs.