Libraries Designed for Everyone

Together we can create spaces that advance literacy, creation, and connection.


A Library Is an Open Door

There’s no feeling that can equal stepping into a library. You know that there’s an adventure on every shelf and a helping hand around every corner. We exist to help libraries create spaces that give every person that comes through the door that indescribable feeling.

With more than 115 years of experience creating inviting library spaces, relationships with leading furniture suppliers, and proprietary furnishings only available through Demco, we can help you create flexible spaces that will allow you to serve your community now and into the future.

What Our Clients Are Saying

  • “The designer listened closely to everything we said and suggested ideas we would never have considered on our own. One of the results is a space that is still considered one of the best features of the library.”

    – Kerry Green, Assistant Director, Plainfield-Guilford Township Public Library, IN

  • “We get regular enthusiastic comments from patrons who tell us they have the best space right in their own neighborhood now!”

    – Barbara Brattin, Director, Kenosha Public Library, Northside Branch, WI

  • “We now have a technologically modern library with a renovated historic building that is welcoming, comfortable, and encourages people to stay to enjoy programs, play games, read, study, teach their children, and work together.”

    – Sean Bilby, Support Services Manager, Slover Library, VA

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