UW-Madison, Wendt Commons Library, WI

Designed for flexibility, Demco’s TechnoLink® Desks create beautiful, functional service points at UW-Madison’s Wendt Commons Library.  Part of the second phase of a two-phase process over the course of more than 3 years, the University worked collaboratively with Demco interior services experts to give the library a new look with flexible service desks.  Phase one of this project started with revamping the first floor of the Helen C. White Library and moved on from there.  

Phase two was part of a broader remodel and branched out, renovating the 2nd and 3rd floors of the Helen C. White Library and the Wendt Commons Library to give students a more up-to-date workspace.  The project was undertaken as a joint initiative with the Wisconsin Collaboratory for Enhanced Learning (WisCEL.)  Together, the library and WisCEL created a space that focuses on individualized learning and peer collaboration with flexible, technology-oriented layouts and furniture.  (Learn more about this partnership here: http://www.wiscel.wisc.edu/)  TechnoLink Desks designed for the Wendt Commons Library include many of the same features as the Helen C. White Library desks.  Customized to fit the space and the needs of the Wendt Commons Library with a mix of straight and curved modules, this desk also includes a combination of fixed and adjustable height components.  Storage was designed specifically for the needs of this space and the low corner space doubles as a convenient bag shelf or display space.  Additional computer access stations with integrated storage can easily be monitored from the main desk.  With a complement of materials including wood veneer, perforated steel and Corian® surfaces the finishes were chosen to coordinate with the other furniture and finishes in the space.

Location: Madison, WI
Interior Design: Demco
Client:  University of Wisconsin-Madison
Completion Date: January 2012