United Nations International School, NY

United Nations International School (UNIS) has the most diverse student body in the world, representing 122 countries and speaking more than 90 languages. Encouraging a celebration of differences and similarities among students and faculty, the sharing of diverse cultural experiences enriches UNIS classrooms.

Bright colors infused into the furnishings really bring to life the library and draw children into the space. Curved shelving with lighter wood tones offer a more welcoming environment for students than their former library which was filled with dark, dreary, uninspiring furniture.

Beyond the finishes, this school library now enjoys having a zoned layout with defined spaces for various activities. The youngest students all grab a cushion and perch within the curved wood shelving for a distraction-free story hour. The library is able to house its entire collection of nearly 17,000 materials due in large part to the taller perimeter shelving. Lower shelving inside the perimeter provides a clear definition of the library space while still allowing librarians visibility to students through gaps in the shelving units.

Location: New York, NY
Library Design: Mig Idea, LLC
Client: United Nations International School
Enrollment: 1300 students
Completion Date: Fall 2013