South Ridge School, MN

When the design professionals at Architectural Resources, Inc in Minnesota began their search for more contemporary library shelving and furniture for the St. Louis County School District, an Internet search brought them to the Demco interior services website. Pleased with the more European influenced products, they began planning several areas of the South Ridge School with Demco brand products.

Because it would be serving students from Pre-K through high school, the Media Center needed to be a flexible space. Demco interior services team helped to develop a furniture plan that zoned the Media Center ensuring that the different needs of each age group were met. During the furniture selection process the team took care to select furniture solutions that were sized appropriately for each age. A variety of table shapes add interest to the space and provide numerous rearrangement options for lecture style teaching, small group work or individual study.

The book collection is housed on Demco’s ColorScape® shelving. Mixing vibrant pops of colorful laminate with light maple wood tones in the shelving gives the space a sophisticated playfulness. Vinyl covered lounge chairs in hues that match the shelving give students a place to sit comfortably to enjoy their latest book selection, while added tablet arms and power ports provide a cozy location for working on a laptop. Additional lounge seating just outside the media center entry, in the Technology Commons, provides relaxed space for students to study or socialize.

Demco’s TechnoLink® Desk system with custom capabilities was the perfect solution for the Media Center Circulation Desk, Main Office Reception Desk, and School Store.

Location: Culver, MN
Architect: Architectural Resources, Inc
Client: St. Louis County School District
Completion Date: Fall 2011