School Calming Room

For students experiencing chronic stress or anxiety, it can be extremely difficult to focus on academics during the school day. Along with finding ways to support social-emotional learning in the classroom, you can help students self-regulate by providing a quiet space where they can decompress, such as a school calming room.

This school calming room created by Demco’s educational interior designers features tranquil colors and soft lighting for a soothing atmosphere. Tactile furnishings and elements of nature are woven throughout, including durable tree trunk stools and live plants in the Whitney Brothers® Nature Stand. Having this connection to nature has been proven to reduce stress and boost productivity. 

Comfortable lounge seating, such as overstuffed bean bag chairs, soft rockers, tiered seating, and rocking stools, allow students to relax and practice calming movements. Students and staff members can have a quiet conversation away from distraction in the private booths.

Drawing and doodling offer the benefits of art therapy for students who are struggling throughout the school day. In this calming room, dry-erase marker boards and personal dry-erase lapboards provide the opportunity for students to express themselves again and again.

Students often have trouble focusing because they don’t have enough physical movement built into their day. Classroom Cruisers help solve this problem by allowing students to expend excess energy without interrupting others in class.

The space includes plenty of storage for stress balls, coloring materials, fidget toys, and puzzles to provide students a variety of activities that help them wind down and be ready to learn when they return to the classroom.

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School Calming Room

Demco Designer: Emily Bronk, Interior Designer
Completion Date: September 2020

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