Pierce County, Parkland Spanaway Branch, WA

The Pierce County Library System is constantly adapting spaces and programs in its 19 libraries to adequately serve their 500,000 patrons. The need to update their service desks in at least 10 library branches led to a partnership with Demco and the discovery of our TechnoLink desks. Facilities Director, Lorie Erickson, was impressed with the height adjustability, versatile components, modern aesthetic, and quality of this modular desk. With the help of Demco’s design team, she used common elements of curved design, ADA patron access points, and a prominent “Help” sign on each library’s desk system to give the service points a consistent look throughout all branches.

The Parkland Spanaway Branch has a history of making improvements in order to stay relevant in its community. It has undergone quite a few changes over the years, each time adapting to its growing community and meeting the evolving needs of the patrons it serves. Since the branch first opened in 1946 the library has moved locations three times, most recently in 1990 to its current location. Since then the library has experienced a few more renovations, including the addition of self-service checkouts, Wi-Fi hotspots, and Demco’s TechnoLink service desks. With each upgrade the library has increasing relevance and convenience for patrons and continues to be a cornerstone in its community.

Location: Tacoma, WA
Client: Pierce County Libraries
Completion Date: Fall 2011