Outdoor Learning Space

With space at a premium, many schools and libraries are making the most of their outdoor spaces. Whether you’re looking to create a permanent space with weather-resistant furnishings or a transitional space with portable work surfaces, you can establish an outdoor learning space where students and patrons can study, read, relax, and thrive.

The Demco interior design team planned this space with furniture and materials that can function in both interior spaces as well as outdoor spaces. This includes weather-resistant seating and work surfaces, such as the Oxford Garden® Travira Tables and chairs, and metal tables that can flex indoors or out.

Tenjam benches, stools, and lightweight stacking stools also pull double duty inside or out and can easily be rearranged to accommodate single users, small groups, or large-group instruction. Surf portable seating goes anywhere with users to create an instant combination seat and work surface for paper and pencil work or laptop use.  

A mobile whiteboard and a Greenspace™ Carpet help define an instructional or programming zone along with vinyl floor cushions that can be wiped clean. Easy-carry classroom caddies and personal whiteboards ensure every learner can transition from the indoors to the outdoors with the supplies they need.

With mobile charging stations placed throughout the space, users have access to power anywhere they need it. Strategically placed portable sinks help everyone stay germ-free and healthy.

Explore Outdoor Learning Spaces in Virtual Reality

Explore this space in 3D and tour a pop-up outdoor learning space that features mobile storage to take learning anywhere.

Demco Designer: Stephen Gower, Design Supervisor
Completion Date: July 2020

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