Mission Vista High School, CA

Part of a completely new campus, the Mission Vista High School library incorporates numerous elements into their space that make it perfect for teenage students to study, socialize, and learn. Fun and fresh lounge areas complement the light wood furnishings of the tables, chairs and end panels. A combination of contemporary seating solutions that can be easily reconfigured create a relaxed shared reading environment perfect for catching up with friends or browsing through magazines. Gaming tables sprinkled throughout the library offer a feeling of informality to the students who meet over their lunch break to play games.

Low level steel shelving arranged in a fan-like pattern allows plenty of natural light to filter in from the back wall of windows. Custom end panels on each shelving unit provide added interest behind the rows of study tables and computer work stations. Librarians and teachers can easily move around study tables to suit various lessons because two legs of each table have casters. Computer workstations remain uncluttered as the CPU’s sit neatly below the work surface and cords are tucked away allowing students to spread their materials around them as needed.

Location: Oceanside, CA
Interior Design: Demco
Client: Mission Vista High School
Completion Date: June 2011