Kenosha Public Library, Northside Branch, WI

The Northside Children’s Room renovation invites young adventurers to explore through reading, interactive play, imagination stations, group activities and more! Demco designers transformed a 20-year-old drab, white walled, uninspiring place into a vibrant, energetic and exciting destination for kids and teens. In addition to the brightly colored walls, the vinyl decals display signage beautifully. Plus, the new Kenosha Public Library (KPL) kids and teen zones now include updated spaces for collaborative school projects, parenting programs, computer coding camps for kids and even messy creative endeavors.

Demco’s ColorScape® Playpods and Integra overstuffed chairs offer kids of all ages a cozy spot to settle in with a good book. ColorScape shelving, benches and book browsers create an interesting landscape — much more engaging than the rows of book browsers that used to be in the library. Colorful Freshcoast Beach Stones (stools), interactive wall panels and a plethora of refurbished furniture and manipulatives complete this children’s room and make it a destination for local families. Teens enjoy furniture they can plug their tablets, laptops and phones into for charging, while also having the freedom to move the Kite® Mini Mobile Flip Tables to suit their needs.

Barbara Brattin, KPL Director, happily reported, “Children’s materials were checked out 6% more in the first 21 days after our launch party, and 13% more since we started the remodel project.” Reflecting on the positive impact this renovation has had in her community, Brattin said, “It’s cheerful, and that’s contagious all the way to the staff. We get regular enthusiastic comments from patrons who tell us they have the best space right in their own neighborhood now!”

Location: Kenosha, WI
Design: Demco
Library Visits Per Year: 770,000 visits
Completion Date: October 2015