Jennings County Public Library, IN

In April 2009, Jennings County Public Library began an organizational study with the help of Library Consultant Kimberly Bolan Cullin in an attempt to prepare their facility to meet the changing needs of their community. Once the initial phase was complete, the Library Director, Mary Hougland, and Kimberly collaborated with the Demco design team to develop a new furniture plan. Mary determined that she wanted the library to become “a warm and open space that felt more inviting for their community.”

The new plan consisted of a complete interior renovation of the existing 33,972 square foot building. Walls were removed at the entry to open up the space and make room for a combined service point, self-check stations and a larger area for public computer workstations. Additionally, storage space was converted to create small meeting rooms and an expansive Teen Space.

Based on Kimberly’s plan, Demco assisted the library in selecting flexible and functional furniture. With a bit of a modern flair, the sleek TotaLibra Shelving and Furniture system ties the library together, as elements of the system are used in various spaces throughout. TotaLibra Modular End Panels add color to the space, while unique TotaLibra Displays and integrated signage make it easy for customers to find what they are looking for. Custom wall panels near the main entrance provide a combination of slatwall and tackable surfaces. Areas with mobile tables, seating and shelving allow the staff and patrons to rearrange the space to accommodate programs and provide a social atmosphere to meet and collaborate.

A detailed circulation analysis allowed the library to reduce their book collections, freeing up space that was part of the Adult Services area to enlarge their Children’s Area. The new children’s space has been carved out and carpeted; the library is working on a fundraising campaign currently and plans to furnish the space in the future.  They have planned for a Multi-zone Children’s Area that offers furniture and furnishings to support children of all ages with an interactive learning environment.

“The openness and increased efficiency of the space has allowed the staff to provide better customer service to our patrons.”

Location:North Vernon, IN
Library Consultant:Kimberly Bolan Associates
Client:Jennings County Public Library
Total Square Feet:34,000
Completion Date:October 2011