High-Impact, Budget-Friendly Classroom

Creating a flexible and engaging classroom shouldn’t feel like it’s beyond your means. Demco’s interior design team has created an economical classroom to help you envision how you can upgrade your own learning spaces while preserving your budget.

Workspaces are arguably the most important furnishings in the classroom. They need to be comfortable but also flexible enough to work with a variety of instructional models. The affordable classroom desks and chairs in this learning environment feature glides to make them easy to rearrange for individual or small-group work, as well as whole-class instruction. And students can also easily move them out of the way to open up floor space. 

The room features several seating choices, including ball chairs, wobble stools, benches, and floor seating. Movement-inducing seating helps improve students’ focus as they work one-on-one or in small groups around the adjustable kidney table.

Just like the mobile teacher’s desk, the heavy-duty bookshelves feature rugged casters so they can easily be rearranged for different classroom layouts or even used to create additional workspace when needed. Along with a storage bench that doubles as seating and individual student bins that keep everyone organized, they also offer plenty of space to keep books and supplies.  

A carpet area with easy-to-clean floor cushions invites students in for floor-level instruction around the interactive whiteboard, and dry-erase boards throughout provide ample writing area for instruction and student ideation. A large cork board and grip strips make it easy to display student work and instructional signage.

An innovative raised-rim table and a dry-erase wall transform an alcove into an instant makerspace area where kids can create and innovate while keeping supplies and maker tools contained and organized.

Explore This High-Impact, Budget-Friendly Classroom in Virtual Reality

Step into a 360-degree view of this cost-conscious classroom to see how a few key pieces can have a big impact on learning.

Demco Designer: Stephen Gower, Design Supervisor
Completion Date: December 2020