Flushing Public Library, NY

The Flushing Branch Teen Center was designed to be extremely flexible in order to accommodate the library’s diverse teen program without limiting its growth or creativity. Based on Flushing’s demographics and use patterns, it was determined by their consultant, Kimberly Bolan Cullin, that the teen center should account for approximately 9% of the overall square footage of the branch.  In order to meet the users’ needs and desires, comments and preferences from the library staff and local teens were collected over a 12-month period prior to and during the redesign process.

The new space now includes plenty of portable tables, chairs, desks and shelving. The different types of seating now accommodate a wider variety of tasks and needs. The teen collections, such as teen fiction, magazines, graphic novels and manga, are now grouped and more easily accessible to those patrons seeking such items. Flat-panel televisions for gaming, movies, programming, etc., and laptop computers for teen use are just a couple of the new additions to their Teen Center. Domes for containing music and other sounds were placed above booths, and movable reference kiosks were incorporated for teen librarians too.

Location: Flushing, NY
Library Consultant: Kimberly Bolan Associates
Client:  Flushing Branch, Queens Public Library
Total Square Feet: 1,226
Completion Date: Spring 2010