Ferguson Public Library, CT

Located in the heart of downtown Stamford, CT, the Ferguson Public Library has been a popular destination and an essential resource for its diverse population.  To better serve the community, the library underwent a complete interior renovation with a focus on upgrading Information Technology (IT) infrastructure and improving the function of the existing space.  Since the library was not adding square footage, it was important to select shelving that could accommodate the largest amount of material in the least amount of space.  Demco worked with Newman Architects and the library staff to develop a plan that incorporated LIFT Vision display units to store their vast media collection.  With a variety of different shelf types, the LIFT products were used in several areas of the library.

Just inside the main entry, the 7 Day Book Area was furnished with LIFT’s Vision I gondolas fitted with a combination of sloping display, zigzag and multimedia shelves allowing customers to easily browse everything from new books to the latest music.  LIFT perimeter units and gondolas in the lower level AV Area offer a combination of face out and spine out storage of everything from Audio Books to DVDs.  Simple integrated signs make it easy for customers to peruse the collection.  Custom cherry veneer back panels and end panels that match the other furniture throughout the library provide a cohesive look.

LIFT Vision II units in the Teen Space provide the same function with a more industrial aesthetic to match the contemporary furniture tailored to the younger population.

Location: Stamford, CT
Architect:  Newman Architects LLC
Interior Design:  Demco
Client:  Ferguson Public Library
Total Square Feet:  30,000
Completion Date:  February 2010