Demco Learning Commons, Award-Winning EDspaces Design


Award-winning Learning Commons Design

Collaborative, flexible, multifunctional — these are just a few of the reasons the Demco Design Team’s Learning Commons design was chosen to be featured at the 2017 EDspaces Conference, where hundreds of attendees convened to try out the space and learn about the future of educational facilities.

When designing the EDspaces Learning Commons, the team combined their design experience in contemporary media centers and makerspaces into a single interior space where learning and producing can take place. Within that space, they created five distinct zones that work together to support the needs and objectives of today’s educators and students.

Collaborative Zone

The core of the learning commons is a central Collaborative Zone that utilizes mobile, reconfigurable table systems to provide a flexible learning area for large-group instruction. The Collaborative Zone is placed at the center of the space to provide good visibility to the presenter or teacher and to the large digital screen he or she would be using to share digital content. This central zone supports 30 students and uses the Muzo Kite 750 and Muzo Kite Mini-Mobile table systems to allow for quick reconfiguration by both teachers and students. The tables can easily be arranged to support large-group instruction or small-group collaboration. They can also easily fold, nest and be rolled aside to open the space for another purpose. Learn more about how Kite tables can adapt to your space with Muzo Folding Table Layouts.

Informal Breakout Zones

Above and below the central Collaborative Zone are more informal Breakout Zones that use Flex Tiered Seating and Moto Inline Chairs to create playful, adaptable spaces. The Breakout Zones are positioned to maintain good sightlines to the digital display, while also allowing each zone to maintain its own spatial identity. Aesthetically, the Flex Tiered Seating is a great piece to incorporate into an interior, as its unique design creates a playful ergonomic dynamic with the different seating levels it offers students. The Moto mobile lounge seating creates an informal, comfortable seating area that can be easily reconfigured to suit individual or team learning. Sims mobile seating units offer colorful satellite pieces that connect and work across these zones.

Digital Literacy Zone

The space includes two Digital Literacy Zones that provide power to support technology-focused initiatives for groups of up to six students. The Digital Literacy Zones are positioned to respond to the architecture of the room, allowing for door locations and appropriate aisle routes, and they’re also designed to support a balanced and symmetrical interior design. The zones are identified aesthetically and ergonomically by the distinct Reef and Bourne table systems combined with the Wink and Bourne high-level stools. By adding multiple, cohesive aesthetics within an interior, you can stimulate visual interest and student engagement.

Small Group Zone

The two groups of Sit & Stand student desks were used to create the most flexible zones within the space ergonomically. Offering students different heights to work at during the day can help them maintain long-term focus and attention. The oodle stools complement this dynamic by encouraging movement and different ways of sitting with a base that either remains stationary or flips over for a rocking option. These smaller zones are located to provide hubs within the interior to circulate student traffic and create a free-flowing space.

Makerspace Zone

The Makerspace Zone combines mobile storage and flexible work tables to support creative, hands-on making and learning. This zone is placed toward the back of the space, as the higher seating heights help to maintain sight lines to the digital display. The location also helps define the zone and consolidates maker functionality into one distinct area. The Makerspace tables have a higher work surface to better suit making activities and are combined with Vivo height-adjustable perch seating that supports short-term sitting and perching. Combined with multiple storage options, the Makerspace Zone promotes exploration and individual or small-group creative making activities.

Visit the Demco Learning Commons through Immersive 3-D and Video

Take a 360-degree tour of Demco’s award-winning learning commons.

Scan the QR code to experience the learning commons in 3-D using VR goggles and a mobile device.

EdSpaces Walkthrough Video

Hear from Design Supervisor Stephen Gower about the furnishings in the space.

Explore all the furnishings featured in Demco’s award-winning learning commons design:

Location: EDspaces Conference 2017
Designer: Stephen Gower, Design Supervisor
Completion Date: October 2017

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