Location: Rolling Hills Estates, CA
Interior Design: Demco
Client: Dapplegray Elementary School, K-5
Enrollment: 690 students
Completion Date: December 2011

The Dapplegray Elementary School Literacy Center refreshed its space with colorful, dynamic furnishings that stimulate young minds and encourage team learning. After moving six times in 11 years the library has finally found its permanent home in what used to be the old wood shop room. The light maple finishes of Demco’s ColorScape® shelving and benches allow the brightly colored laminates to pop, giving the library the energy it needs. Collaborative tables can be spread apart for individual reading or pushed together for small group brainstorming. Arranged in a configuration that meets the needs of this K-5 school the low level shelving combined with their vibrant butterfly carpet creates a group teaching area suitable for all class sizes.

Dapplegray Elementary School

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