Brooklyn Arbor Elementary School, NY

Imagine a school library with more of an “abandoned warehouse” feel to it than a welcoming space. This was the case for Brooklyn Arbor Elementary School before partnering with Demco.

“Books were EVERYWHERE in the old library,” says Chris Albarran, Librarian of Brooklyn Arbor Elementary School. “It was like a book warehouse.”

Through Demco’s collaborative design process, the library became a comfortable space offering flexibility, mobility and vibrancy. Parents also worked with the school, adding finishing touches to the library with a hand-crafted tree and wall murals.

Some of the improvements included:

  • Kid-sized shelving:  ColorScape® displays with purple and green accents – the school’s colors.
  • Brightness:  A lighter color palette and furniture made the library feel more open and friendly.
  • Upcycling:  Existing shelves (low shelving below windows) were incorporated into the new design, reducing expenses without sacrificing style.
  • Comfort:  Soft seating is cleverly integrated with shelving.
  • Versatility:  With mobile room elements, the library can be adapted for any task from after-school programs to staff meetings and book fairs.

“The students couldn’t believe that this was theirs,” said Albarran.

With Demco’s help, the Brooklyn Arbor Elementary School library is now more usable, welcoming and versatile for students, staff and the community. It’s used every day, all day long.  Functionally inspiring!

Location: Brooklyn, NY
Library Design: Demco
Client: Brooklyn Arbor Elementary School
Enrollment: 340 students
Completion Date: Fall 2013