Black Hawk Elementary School, MO

The beautiful Black Hawk Elementary School Library is a drastic improvement from the over cluttered, nearly inaccessible, no-space-for-anything library which was long overdue for renovation.  The new refreshed space has a wonderfully welcoming feel. The bright colors of the ColorScape® furniture, coupled with Palmieri Bloom seating and colorful Smith System® Flavors chairs bring an energy that the library had long been lacking.  

The library’s new layout was designed and furniture carefully selected through a collaborative process with Demco interior services experts.  The library absorbed what was formerly a computer lab to allow more space for mobile, reconfigurable tables, Demco’s ColorScape pull-out picture book browsers, mobile shelving, benches and more.

School Librarian, Lindy Harmon, loves the attention and interest the students, staff and community now share in the library.  Reflecting on the multiple uses for the new space, she states, “We now have a stage that adds functionality for us — storytime seating, performances and more. We have also been able to host meetings for our patrons and staff. Perceptions of libraries and how we behave in them are broadening.”

Location: Kahoka, MO
Library Design: Demco
Client: Clark County R-1 School District
Enrollment: 307 students
Completion Date: August 2014