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About Traci Lesneski

Traci has been with MSR since 1996 and has 21 years of experience designing compelling learning spaces. As head of interiors and a principal with the firm, Traci uses an integrated design approach involving multiple disciplines. Her designs factor in users' experience, comfort as well as productivity and aesthetics. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design from the University of Wisconsin-Stout and is a regular guest lecturer there. Traci has made a name for herself as an inspiring designer and international speaker, presenting workshops and discussions about library design. She has presented at the ALA Annual Conference for the past 4 years and recently presented a talk entitled, “Reset: Transforming Mid 20th-Century Libraries to Meet 21st-Century Needs” at the IFLA Congress in Cape Town, South Africa. She has written articles for New Library World and Library Journal. Traci is currently chair of the ALA LLAMA/BES Architecture for Public Libraries Committee and also serves on the IFLA Library Buildings and Equipment Section Standing Committee.

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