Signage & Wayfinding

A Well-signed Library is Easy to Navigate

Signage and wayfinding are important communication and navigation tools for libraries. They welcome, orient and guide visitors through your library. Done well, it ensures visitors find what they expect, while layering in opportunities for discoveries that will bring them back to your library for new reasons.


Welcome Your Patrons

Walking through the main entrance, customers take in your environment in order to determine which direction to take. Should they have questions, the information desk is highly visible and accessible.

Bold Graphics & Color Show the Way

Enhance your library with intentional visual cues from graphics, color, furnishings and architectural elements, for a winning combination and an environment where people want to be. These elements are navigational tools, orienting and guiding people through a space.

Mark the Spot

Size and scale are important factors when combining architectural elements. Bold colors and typographic letters create a highly visible destination. Interior decor selections reinforce that this space is for teens.


Make it Clear

The deeper customers get into a space, the more specific your signage needs to be to ensure they find what they’re looking for. You also want to create opportunities for discovery. For example, open sight lines make it easy to see a canopy top and end-of-range signs on perimeter shelving.


Powerful Signage

The application of color, the choice and placement of furniture and the use of banners and letters create a comfortable, active space for exploration and learning for young kids and their families.

Making a Good Library Space Better

DEMCO Interiors can help guide your signage selection so that elements are placed in the most effective locations and fit your library’s style.